Breakfast Cookie

Throughout quarantine, we've been trying to get our health in order in the home. My daughter has had to switch up her eating habits to a gluten free, egg free, dairy free diet.

This morning, we made a Breakfast Cookie (recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction). I can't have Peanut Butter, but she can, so we made it with PB. They were simple to make, & I have no doubt if these were made with Almond Butter, I would have devoured them.

Pretty simple instructions to follow. We left out the pumpkin seeds because we didn't have any (& she didn't want to add them), so you can take out or leave in what you like.

Easy to store, or you can freeze them. Great snack for anyone with restricted diets, great for travel or in the car snacks. They hit the sweet & savory all in one.