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My Story

As far back as I can remember, people around me were always into staying fit, eating well, & taking care of themselves. I remember my grandfather being on a chelation diet, my parents played racquetball & seemed relatively fit & healthy. My father at one time used to run in our one car garage in the cold winters & I used to work out with my mother at a gym when I was in my 20's.

Once I entered college 30 years ago (Yikes!), I took an elective class on nutrition. At that moment, I knew I wanted to earn a degree in nutrition, but according to my father, “there was no money in that! Be a lawyer or doctor.”


So I got a public relations degree from Purdue University! I've had many jobs along the way. I first sold accounting software & then I worked on a marketing campaign for a billion dollar fast-food company in a major city. I have sold real estate & have done PR work for a plant protection product company (pesticides). Some of these jobs were at the same time, & all the while, eating & exercising were always a part of my life.

However, from 2009 to 2011, I began suffering from asthma & had a couple of bouts of pneumonia. I spent most of my days on inhalers & nebulizers, & if the bloating from the asthma wasn't enough, the inhalers & medications I was on only made the bloat worse. Nothing was bringing me any relief, I was miserable & uncomfortable & I needed to make a change.


The last straw for me was a family trip to Las Vegas where I had to use the nebulizer every hour. Once we got home, I starting making changes in my life.

I began eliminating foods from my diet, started eating dairy free & gluten free, & incorporated lots of fruits, vegetables, protein, & good carbs into my diet. With lots of hard work & determination, & yes, even some setbacks, I am happy to say since 2011, I have never had to use an inhaler & nebulizer.

Now, as I embark on the perimenopause phase of my life, there's a lot changing physically & mentally. And that's just how I've had to begin working through it - physically & mentally.


Going through all of this has reignited the fire in me to help others gain control of their life, & in 2015 I received certification from IIN as a Health Coach, & this year, I received a certification from Yale University in The Science of Well-Being.

Glow Health Coaching is here to support you & guide you on your journey to get control of you life & be the star that you are!